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Sound all too familiar?


Poor industry practices such as these make it increasingly difficult for conscientious eventprofs to understand the true cost of their event and therefore be fully in control. 


Fed up of feeling like this? Looking for change? Then join us!


We’re The BNC’s Transparency Network – eventprofs from finance, property, insurance, consumer goods, pharmaceutical and consultancy firms who are uniting in their mission to create a clear and fairer event process by requesting open book transparency from their suppliers.


The more event professionals we have on board the faster we can influence the industry.


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With great thanks to the support and guidance from Jo Egan of Hotel Desk plus BNC Transparency Network members, in particular Sue Muir, Sophie Webber and Annie Joyce.


Case studies:

BNC Transparency

Our members came to us with comments and stories such as these:

“We had an event in Monaco and unfortunately we had to cancel. It was within the cancellation period and we asked for our £50,000 back. Our DMC – who had been really helpful until this point – became very hard to deal with and said that we had lost our deposit. This was a huge loss to us.

A year later at an industry event I bumped in to the hotel salesperson from Monaco and said “What a shame we couldn’t use your hotel but we will not be coming back due to our deposit being kept. The hotelier then said: “What do you mean? We gave the full refund back to the DMC. We assumed it had been passed on to you.”

BNC Transparency


“We wanted to hire a yacht for a private party in Tampa, Florida, as an evening social during a 3 day conference in 2015. The hotel put us in touch with their DMC who quoted $136 per head based on 300 minimum numbers. In the end we decided against the Tampa hotel so we didn’t need to put much more thought into the yacht.

In 2016 we decided to use Tampa and this time we picked up with the yacht directly through our UK venue finder (whom I trust implicitly). She forwarded the yacht quote directly to us. The cost was just $58 per head for 200 people minimum, plus had much more favourable terms and conditions. Apart from the DMC host member of staff (which we don’t need anyway), there is no difference in the services offered. However, the difference in price changed the commitment from $40,800 down to just $11,600. Even if we do grow up to the full 300 delegates we’d still only be spending $17,400. How on earth could the agency justify $23,400-$29,200 of additional costs?”

BNC Transparency

We were told this story by a General Manager of a German Hotel.

After a very successful three day conference, at the Gala dinner, the GM went over to the MD of the group and asked how they liked their stay. The MD said ' This has been the best and most successful conference we have had - but we're not coming back'. The GM was taken by surprise and asked why? The MD said 'The Dinner tonight was fantastic but not worth 75 Euros a head'. The GM said 'it is only 35 Euros a head'.

The agent had more than doubled the price.

If you have stories like these or worse - let's hear them!!

Email your questions, or sign-up to the group, at: