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EYECONART at live, hybrid and virtual events

We, the EYECONART crew can't wait to get back to 'wowing' their guests as events restart. Whether it's at live events using our new COVID event setup based on the advice of the Masters Photographers Association (designed to bring complete safety and peace of mind to guests and our crew), or through our services at hybrid and virtual events. We'd love to hear from you! Our booking terms have maximum flexibility so you can book with confidence.

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Corporate Private Commissions

"The World's Most Innovative and Personal Gift for your Team"

If you're looking for something completely different, memorable and lasting to celebrate your team's unity of strength over the last year, or are searching for the perfect Christmas gift for your team, look no further than our new Corporate Private Commissions.

Our crew of experienced photographers will come to your office to photograph your team’s eyes using our patented EYESTUDIO technology. It’s a fun process which always gets people talking and they’ll each learn something about what makes their own eye unique and beautiful. Your team will each receive a 7” x 5” premium print and a high resolution digital version which they can enlarge or share online. Your company will get a stunning bespoke piece of digital artwork made up from your team members’ iris images. This can be printed large-scale as an eyecatching piece of art for your office wall, and shared digitally for printing at home, sharing on social media or even as part of the team’s profile pictures and e-signatures!

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