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Recently, Club member Beth wrote in to say that she was reviewing her venue and destination selection policy and wanted to know if others were too (in light of the war in Ukraine and other political events around the world).

Here are some of the responses:

"We're a fintech company with some links to Russia but when the invasion on Ukraine happened our directors issued a message to say that we would not be holding meetings or events there for the forseeable future. I'm proud to work for a company that holds these values and reacts so quickly."


"With everything that's going on in the world - not just COVID-19 - we still have a ban on overseas events. I'm told it's not being lifted until Q2, possibly, of next year. So, all of our choices are UK-based because of that."


"We're a trade organisation with members from all over the world.

"Destinations are selected through a committee so it is out of our department's control where we have to work. Although I'd personally like to veto certain countries and companies we still have to hold events there. It feels like a bit of struggle sometimes, but I do love my job. If the world gets worse though, I may reconsider."


"Our company is really 'against' holding anything in the USA right now, mainly because of the gun violence."


"One of our team members is from Ukraine. She hopes that one day we will all move our events there, to help rebuild the country. It really is heartbreaking."


"We try to choose our venues/locations by where the industry relevance is or where our clients (we run our own conferences) would like us to go. Surely they love the sun and we cannot always go to nice locations though. Sometimes we are bound by size of venue required for example which in Europe can be a challenge.

"We have a large Russian client base for one of our events and have always considered locations that are easy for them to come to (e.g. Turkey) etc. We have also been to Russia. Under the current circumstances we are however realistic and do not account for them to be able to come. We would certainly not go to Russia currently and likely not in the near future. This would not be received well with our other clients.

When it comes to politics it is difficult as our clients would be divided in their opinions and you will always have two teams supporting either side I guess. We did avoid going to Trump owned hotels when he was president. I would probably not check on a venue or supplier with regards to their Roe vs Wade opinion for example but if I knew from their news feeds/twitter etc and it is not what we support from our side I would not even look at / consider them most likely."


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