Let's plant a forest

Trees absorb CO2, restore biodiversity, and make the world a better place.

That’s how beautifully succinct Just One Tree puts it.

The not-for-profit organisation plant trees all around the world and The BNC are hoping you’ll help them plant a few thousand more.

When you sign-up to our BNC Show (taking place on Wednesday 21st September at The HAC) your registration form asks if you would like to plant a tree instead of accept a gift.

All you have to do is ‘tick’ yes to that box and The BNC, in partnership with sustainability expert Danielle Ward of ReWARD Events, will see that the matched donations from The BNC Show registrations will reach Just One Tree and off those little seeds will go all around the world.

For every £1 that you donate, we will plant at least one tree for you and your company's tree counter will increase by 1 tree. However, as we are a non-profit organisation and trees vary in price from region to region, we actually use any left over pennies to help fund the planting of more trees. 3p from every pound also goes towards supporting our kelp regeneration project (to tackle the issues our oceans are facing).

For every donation you make, you will receive a receipt which includes your tree count to date and a CO2 sequestration for those trees,” said Bea Washida of Just One Tree.

Just One Tree began life in 2019 and since then has planted over one million trees globally and reforested over five hundred acres across four continents, planting species dependant on country, region and soil or water. They even plant sea kelp in the seas, in an effort to restore the oceans and lower the temperature of the waters.

So good is their structure, mission and messaging that they are one of the few non-profits that have survived almost intact from the global pandemic.

Trees are our saviours.

They clean our air, filter our water, feed us with medicines and food and feed wildlife and feed the soil and also prevent soil from erosion and flooding. They also provide employment for billions of people around the world.

Let's make a difference together and leave a lasting events industry legacy.