Made in Chelsea gets the full Bateaux London treatment

As everyone’s favourite reality TV guilty pleasure, Made in Chelsea, returns to our screens, you might spot an iconic London landmark or two! The first episode of series 22 aired this week and we can now officially announce that Bateaux London is MIC-approved!

With the cast back in full force around Central London, we were honoured that an appearance at The Pier and Bateaux London was top of their list to visit. The Bateaux London launch party marked the first time the full MIC squad were back together again since the previous series.

Our wide range of cocktails, which pays tribute to the oldest rowing race in the world - Doggett’s Coat and Badge, went down a treat with the entire cast as the conversations and refills flowed.

An episode of Made in Chelsea wouldn’t be complete without the traditional ‘showdown’ at the end. The backdrop of Bateaux’s private bar, The Pier, gave the cast a private and exclusive space to hash out all of the drama, away from the hustle and bustle of Central London and showed fans exactly what our cruise experience has to offer.

The flirtatious nature of Sophie Herman and Fred Ferrier, always had us fans questioning them. This time they’re having a light hearted flirt on the upper deck of the boat, while looking across the everlasting London skyline. Maybe this time round they might just be more than friends? But, who wouldn’t be though, after the romantic setting our Thames River cruise has to offer.

James and Maeva are also locking horns, with the show’s longest lasting couple's future looking uncertain. While James sped off down to Cornwall in his latest Ferrari, Maeva headed down to the stunning lower deck. Here, she discussed her issues with her friends, over a fresh glass of champagne. The lower deck location offered a more relaxed space, away from the party on the large upper deck and showcased the luxurious space our boats have to offer, with the stunning Tom Dixon lighting, symbolising everything we are about, here at Bateaux.

Overall, the boat party was a massive success. It was wonderful to see the cast enjoying themselves, with life back to normal. The boat party showcased the vibrant and captivating experience on board Bateaux London, providing the perfect backdrop for the Made in Chelsea cast - long may the drama of MIC life continue!

BNC will be on board Bateaux London 18th February 2022. Join the crew and find out