broadwick group launches spaces & stories

A new chapter has begun in the ever-growing tale of the Broadwick Group with 'Spaces & Stories', a new collection of venues and services offered by the creative, design-led team.

Spaces & Stories brings together twenty UK properties and over 170 production specialists whose knowledge and experience event managers can tap into when searching for the right location through to looking for an entire bespoke experience.

The range of venues within the collection are broad (no pun intended!) from the functional WeWork (which hints at offering event capability) and the raw, industrial backdrops of Manchester’s Depot Mayfield and London’s Printworks, to the historic wonder of former Holy Trinity Chapel Aviation House.

Whichever style of venue is chosen, the emphasis with Space and Stories is on the latter:

“We know that finding the right space can change a story,” states Bradley Thompson, Group Managing Director Broadwick.

“From historic interiors to vast industrial sites, our locations have been handpicked for their potential to stage stories that resonate. We help people turn their most ambitious visions into reality. We believe that exceptional spaces provide the basis for human connection. Through design, architecture and distinguished service, we help create experiences that connect with people on an emotional level.”

Head of Spaces & Stories, Jemma Scott, says:

“We do more than simply provide locations. All our spaces can be reconfigured and transformed to create custom environments, and we work closely with Space partners and bookers to bring ideas and events to life.

“With an extensive network of trusted suppliers and a deep understanding of the industry, our professional team is there to support and advise you every step of the way.”

Take a look at Spaces & Stories website, with search functions that make us here at The BNC jump for joy!

Drop-down options give you suggestions based on size requirements and ‘hire type’ so that you can narrow your search down in a practical, time-saving way.