The Top Ten Highlights

of our BNC Show on 6th April 2022 at The Brewery

We asked three BNC team members to list their top ten moments from the day.

What were yours? Write to:

1. Best moment(s)

Feeling the buzz and seeing the smiles. From the start people were happy to be there and it was wonderful to feel the positivity.

Being back almost felt like the two years missed never happened??

Seeing all the stands ready to accept the buyers.

2. Best conversation(s)

Dan from Butlin’s - his passion for his venue and team and making things work for each individual. He is the perfect exhibitor to deal with. Nothing is a problem and he loves The BNC.

Mark QEII said selling/ networking is a long game. Always stay professional, friendly and ultimately trustworthy. He just contracted £250k from Kate Conway whom he met at our Forum in Tenerife (for the first time) but kept in contact with her and she reached out when she changed roles, had an extensive site visit which included a fine dining 4 course tasting meal in the chef’s kitchen.

With the lady from Central Hall about her good contacts.

3. Best sight(s)

The room all set up and ready. It all came together and looked very cool.

Seeing a full room of top quality exhibitors!

Best sight(s): Seeing the expression on the faces of people when they saw Winston Churchill

4. Best sound(s)

Chatter. The room was filled with conversation.

The lower porter tun was full of conversation and you could clearly hear it from the mezzanine (where it was a bit quieter).

The happy buzz of the show

5. Best smells/tastes

Lucy Eden had a wonderful diffuser on her stand and the creme brûlée was an absolute delight.

(Didn’t have time to eat but heard both of these were amazing)

Vanilla Crème Brûlée with winter fruits (V, GF)

Slow braised ox cheek, pomme puree, caramelised root vegetables, spinach, jus (GF)

The afternoon cakes!

6. Best compliment

I think it was Mark Green who said, “seamless”. I had a lot of “well dones” and comments on all of the hard work it took to put it all together. Lisa Lernoux-Dock was very complimentary, too.

An organic testimonial, in later that night:

“Thank you very much for hosting The BNC Show yesterday. It was terrific to see a familiar format laid out again at The Brewery just like ‘good old’ times.

Managed to see a few familiar faces too which was really heartening and as always, a number of new places and names to get to know too, of which I’m looking to following up.

Not quite best of all, but nearly, was reviving my sparkly lanyard to a new one!! The old one was distinctly bare of sparkles so it was wonderful to get a new one.

I appreciate it takes a huge amount of effort to get these events across the line and delivered. Well done on that front. It was terrific and I’m so glad to have made it, just sorry it couldn’t have been for longer.

Best wishes, Sarah Bean – UKIIO Head of Client Events, External Communications

I just kept hearing: “I Love The BNC. It’s so good to be back.”

7. Best dressed (or someone who stood out to you!)

Sir Winston Churchill and his Ministerial partner!!

Two boys with their dad, or Kate Butch (drag Queen from Dabbers Bingo) or the rep from IHG’s new dress!

Jonathan Chohan always looks well dressed!

8. Best seminar

Sadly I didn’t get to pop in apart from at the end with the Bingo session - looked like fun!

Most attended was Hybrid Events in the New Normal: Learnings for the Post-Pandemic World

Most requested session was Sustainability in Events: Putting Theory Into Action

As show directors, we dip our heads in and out and they always look so full and interesting. It’s lovely for us to see

9. Best looking stand

Manchester Central for me are always so great to deal with from start to finish. The girls on the stand are always so friendly and upbeat too! A pleasure to work with! Butlin’s - the Red Coats were a nice touch. Mobile Moments and Puff Puff has great displays.

Butlins, Red coats

Ideas Box

10. Best visitor

I didn't really chat too much to the visitors sadly. I only noticed that almost all of them greeted our staff and were happy with the check in process. We had a really, really lovely emails in from buyers though.

Two visitors brought their children. A dad brought two of his sons both dressed in matching suits and one lady, who visited for the first time brought her daughter, Freya Barker

Too many to pick just one!