The view from Park Lane Events

an industry update

The State of the industry - six months on

Lyndsey Taylor, owner and director of Park Lane Events, takes Eventprofs on an insightful tour of the state of the industry in her latest webinar for the conference and event market.

Focusing on the changes and mood of the industry in the six months since the Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted, the venue finder and keen networker talks about enquiry times, sustainability, AV trends, forward planning and an exhibitions’ update – which includes mention of The BNC Show on Wednesday 21st September at The HAC!

“We’re six months in and looking at the second half of the year now,” Lyndsey said as she gave a rundown of her recent experiences and findings.

One of the issues facing some event managers today is enquiry times with Lyndsey suggesting that venues are struggling with “a whole year’s demand in the space of a few months.”

She reports that where some venues are back operating with a full team, others are still critically understaffed and therefore enquiry response times have increased – and it varies company-to-company.

“Things are moving…getting better. Turnaround times are quicker but I do think it will take another six months,” she said.

“We know there used to be a four-hour turnaround, or an eight-hour one but for now a - 24-hour turnaround – if we can all aim for that that would be an ideal.

“One email that I got back said they would take seven days to respond!”

However, as she keeps saying, this year, 2022, is a time when systems, people and companies are still recovering, still ‘working their way back.’

“This is The Rebuild Year. I keep saying that. It’s my rebuild year. It’s the venues’ rebuild year.

One improvement that Lyndsey has noticed is a move away from the dreaded shared first option, a habit that spread slowly throughout the industry in recent times.

“We’re seeing less and less shared first options and I’m hoping by the end of the year (hopefully by September) that it won’t be a thing anymore.

“Shared first options don’t work.”

Hybrid offices are here for a while, she reports, with people still only working on site up to two or three days a week with lots of Zoom meetings in between.

To keep in contact with clients and venues alike Lyndsey finds she’s using WhatsApp more than ever before as a way of ‘being more efficient’. Before <Covid> using social media platforms may have ‘been seen as a shortcut’ but now it’s deemed as an acceptable way to do business, she reports.

After talking about sustainability and passing on recommendations for innovative steps taken in hotels (such as the ‘split’ waste and recycling bins in individual rooms at the Great Scotland Yard Hotel, London) Lyndsey gave one piece of crucial advice:

“If you haven’t got your Christmas or autumn events in the diary do it now. Availability is getting really tight.”

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