Caroline Scapin

Climbing the ladder quickly

Caroline Scapin’s always been a self starter. She moved from Brazil in 2006 and had to teach herself English.

Six years later the ambitious event manager was graduating from university with a 2:1 and a passion for the industry.

Climbing the ladder quickly, she says commitment and hard work keep her focused on achieving amazing things within the industry.

Here she talks to Melissa Paulden about working with dmg events - where one event saw the opening ceremony done by the King of Spain - and about her volunteer work for FightPandemics.

MP: What is FightPandemics?

CS: FightPandemics is an altruistic platform created in the wake of COVID-19 that connects people and organizations in need of help with those that can provide it. In fostering these vital connections, FightPandemics empower communities to respond more quickly and effectively to the crisis. Their vision is to create a world where humans are more resilient to emergencies.

They are a global group of volunteers that came together to make a difference and are actively looking for other highly-dedicated individuals to join them.

MP: How did you get involved?

CS: I was searching for jobs and found an advert from FightPandemics; they needed a Virtual Events Manager. Since I always wanted to make a difference in someone’s life and society, I didn’t think twice. I applied instantly and started doing my volunteering work two weeks later. I am glad I can do something meaningful while I seek a new job.

MP: What are you enjoying most about volunteering?

CS: I feel I am part of a real community, connecting with people like you and me from all over the world. I also feel that any work you do is appreciated no matter the number of hours you put in and you can help in any area you feel like.

MP: Have you always worked in events?

CS: No. I was an actress back home in Brazil but have always been involved in events somehow. After I moved to London I graduated in Management with International Business and worked for the IT industry as a Junior Project Assistant and SAP consultant. But my passion for events was so big that I decided to get involved in the events industry again and become a professional Events Manager.

MP: What appeals to you about the industry?

CS: Through events we can connect with participants from all over the world, it enables people to share knowledge and it is a great opportunity to generate new business. I love that events can do all that and I am happy to be a person that can create this opportunity.

MP: What skills do you have that make you a natural event manager?

CS: First of all, I am a natural planner and love planning to the point that I am planning my wedding. I also have strong attention to detail and enjoy being able to see small details and the bigger picture. Another skill I am good at is managing stakeholders and being a strong team player. It makes me feel alive when I can collaborate with my colleagues and be part of a team. In the past few years, I also learned that streamlining processes is one of my main strengths too. Of course, I am very organised and like mentoring all junior members, this is the best contribution I can give to the new generation. Lastly, I am a calm person which contributes to work well under pressure.

MP: What has been your defining event?

CS: I have organised so many events in my career that were amazing but there is one in particular that comes to my mind: Gastech 2018. This event took place at the Fira Barcelona and had the presence of the King of Spain who opened the ceremony on day 1. Having joined dmg::events just two months before their main event, I had to hit the ground running and not just learn about my new job and colleagues, but also to deliver all elements of nine conference rooms including a main plenary that had to be fully built, alongside a VIP area. I had also to work with the King of Spain’s security and protocol teams to fulfil their requirements. It was an intense time but seeing this large-scale event for 30,000 attendees come to life and be so successful made me proud.

MP: What’s the best bit of feedback you’ve had from something you’ve organised?

CS: Aside from regular great feedback from my suppliers and sponsors, I heard a massive thank you and was awarded the employee of the month at dmg for having to juggle so many tasks at once, keeping an eye on the costs whilst planning a conference and exhibition that grew almost 250% in its size.

MP: How well do you think you’ve transferred skills this year?

CS: I lost my job back in May due to the Covid-19 impact on the economy and during this time I started developing my own event planning business and working on all aspects of this, such as building my website, developing a brand, creating marketing content, looking into pricing, competitors and so on, but this is a long term goal I have. I am also working for FightPandemics volunteering as a Virtual Events Manager and making sure I gather more knowledge about the digital and virtual world since this is what our events industry requires right now.

MP: What’s been the biggest learning curve?

CS: All that matters, in the end, is how well you deal with your internal and external stakeholders. Providing solid customer service and creating a strong relationship helps you overcome any hiccups you may encounter during your exhibition and conference build-up.