Do as a Delegate Does

Claire Norris has decades of event management experience – both as a corporate for 3M and now as an agency director. Here are her top tips for site inspections:

I always say look and do any dinner/trip/activity etc as if you were the delegate, for example:

1. I’d planned to take a group to a hotel in Mauritius. When I did the site inspection it was only when I went to actually do some of the watersports that I realised it was off a pontoon. As my group were couples this would have caused problems for the ‘other half’ who might not be participating; they would be left for ages on their own. I booked a different hotel where they did activities from the beach and the partner could be with them to take photos etc.

2. Always ask to see the worst /smallest bedroom as you will probably be in a suite on the recce!

3. Always check the fire evacuation procedure with the hotel and do a trial run from your bedroom to see how you would get out. This is one of my ‘things’. I did this once in Portugal and they admitted they didn’t have a procedure, the exit doors to the roof escape were locked and some corridors were blocked with boxes and furniture………frightening!

4. Make sure you always take the route that your group will. For example, if going out to dinner make sure that if you go in a taxi to see it, but your group will be on a coach, that you pull up in the same place the coach will. It’s really embarrassing if you don’t’ know and the coach can’t get nearby, and you don’t know the way!

5. Lastly: everyone wants to know where the toilet is. Make sure you know for everywhere and check them out, it tells you a lot!

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