Eventprof Shout-Out To: Emma Bowley

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EventProf Shout-Out to: Emma Bowley

Rachel Thornber from the events team at Hilti has nominated fellow teammate Emma Bowley.

Large scale events and conferences come under the Assistant to Sales Directors’ role and over the two years she’s worked for the manufacturing firm Emma’s shown organisation, attention to detail, data management in particular.

Emma recently organised the firm’s very first virtual event for 900 people – at very short notice.

Under the theme Together We Win she managed delegates, communications, webspace and merchandise.

Rachel added: “We did a great job of bringing the whole team together in a virtual environment so that they left feeling valued and energized.

“Emma managed to stay on top of everything despite all the challenges brought about by the pandemic.

“Well done, Emma! You are an asset to the team, I don't know how we'd cope without you!”

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