Eventprof Shout-Out To: Michelle

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EventProf Shout-Out to: Michelle

Event Manager Sarah, from a leading global brand and consumer protection scheme, has nominated her boss Michelle for a BNC Eventprof Shout-out.

Sarah (an incredibly hard working events professional herself) nominates Michelle for being an incredibly encouraging and supportive boss who has dealt so well with the challenges of 2020/21.

With everyone this past year has been extremely challenging and although we had started to discuss Hybrid events it certainly wasn’t due to be rolled out as quickly as we did…… Our events have continued, we are a small team and Michelle, always encouraging and supportive, helped us through it. We’ve all had challenging days throughout the past year in our work and personal lives but Michelle quickly put measures in place so that we had regular catchups as a team and one on one chats, if nothing else to talk about Netflix recommendations but knowing there was always someone there to talk too has been an amazing support…… We continue to grow our event offering and I look forward to the next challenges thrown at us, as a team, I know we’ve got this!!!!

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