Goldcrest Events

Abi Luty from Goldcrest Events tells Melissa Paulden how a fledgling events business flies strong, even in the toughest of times

“Lockdown 3 is really getting to me this time. This feels like a long recovery…..but I am hopefully that things will return to normal by Q4 this year and if not then definitely by Q1 next year.

I have a big event for 400 pencilled in for October and am working towards that being viable but at this stage we just don’t know.

I am keeping my head above the water and remaining positive in lots of different ways (I have eight different jobs – yes, eight!) but more importantly I am staying positive by volunteering for and working within the NHS. It just seemed the right thing to do. Stay at home and worry and get stressed or join in and be part of the solution.

I am now trained to administer the vaccinations, which I am so thrilled about – to be helping people and hopefully working towards ending this.

I started off volunteering at my local GP surgery in the reception, making sure people have their correct code, are seated in the right area and have sanitised their hands etc. etc. Then the opportunity came up to do something else.

Training to be a vaccine administrator was intense! It was 15 hours online learning followed by practical stuff as well.

I had to relearn about science, health and safety, first aid and learn all about Covid, immunisations – and more. The training is intense as we are working directly with the public and as we’re not medical, we have to be fully prepared to be able to answer all of their questions, to put them at ease.

These two roles are definitely keeping me busy right now. I can’t wait to return to the events industry, of course, but in the meantime I will keep my positions within the NHS and hopefully soon pubs and cafes and restaurants will open. I really enjoy working in the pub and café and I am also a trained massage therapist and am also qualifying to work with Selling Savvy.

I just can’t keep still! I have to keep busy and keep learning and ultimately, keep interacting with people. We’re all human at the end of the day and that’s what we need. Meeting new people and seeing familiar faces really keep you going.

I try and stay positive; I always have been a positive person really. Lots of things keep me going but in particular, walking helps. I’m a ‘get-up-and-go’ person and love a good walk. I make sure I go out and walk every day.

Goldcrest Events is only in hibernation. I am also a commercial director for a Russian events company and I hope we can start decent calls in May. Until then our staff are furloughed, all bar one who is doing the social media as it’s important to keep up to date online and to stay present on social media. It’s a form of connecting with people and I love it.

I am so, so proud of Goldcrest Events and can’t believe we’re two-years-old!

I started Goldcrest Events on 6th Jan 2019 and the first year was amazing.

But I am hopeful. We will get there, and I think 2022 will be the events industry’s year. I just can’t wait to get out and see people again – and hug people! Hugs! We’ll be hugging and smiling and hugging again. It’ll be such a massive events industry reunion. I’m so used to networking, you see. Usually I’m out three times a week at different networking events.

I feel that my personality is my business and vice versa. I’m a people person and I listen, I really listen to my clients and put them first. Everyone says that but do they really mean it? I do – and that’s why 100% of my clients came across with me from my old workplace to Goldcrest when I started up. I must be doing something right!

So until we’re allowed to meet in numbers face-to-face I won’t fully celebrate turning two. Maybe in the summer when we’re all vaccinated and allowed out. It will be one big party and I can’t wait.”