Taking a Gamble

Over the years the attention span of our very young workforce at an IT company was shortening as our chairman delivered his speech at company dos.

As the organiser I got stressed out when they started to wriggle in their seats, poke fun at the chairman, or talk over him. So one year I decided to make it more fun.

I did a quick survey and found that many people thought his speech wasn’t boring but ………………a little too long. Knowing that this particular chairman wasn’t the type to be asked to cut it down or button up I decided to spin the whole situation and start a sweepstake on how long the speech was going to last.

This got everyone interested in the evening and whilst he was talking everyone was silent. (Probably they were silently hopeful that they would win the bet but at least everyone was quiet and respectful and I got the atmosphere at the event that I wanted!)

The money that we raised went to a children’s charity, which was almost a thousand pounds better off. We’ll be trying it again next year and now the emphasis will be on making more money for the charity as well as keeping everyone engaged in the speech – whether it’s on the content or the length!