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The events industry is a dynamic, powerful community of proactive people – with just the right kind of people in it to bring about big change. Our events influence what companies and customers do and that influence ripples out, reaching thousands, possibly millions. In honour all the amazing people within this wonderful sector we are featuring series of articles on eventprofs and their events - shining a light on their brilliance, their skill, their experience and their uniqueness. Be a part of it! Send your story to:

Grace Jackson, Head of Operations at TXF and her Managing Director, Hesham Zakai, talk to Melissa Paulden about *Kujenga – a virtual event platform built by event managers for event managers.

With reports in that some BNC members are choosing to postpone large events until they can deliver them live, many event professionals are putting their focus elsewhere. But what if the show must go on? What if you can’t delay and postpone?

Tina Compton, of agency Tx2events is making the most of virtual connections as an organiser AND as an invited attendee of virtual awards, parties and events – and she’s really quite enjoying it.

Super-organiser Rebecca Selkirk has many event successes under her belt (including her own whirlwind wedding) and is currently volunteering for Pride in London

Caroline Scapin talks to Melissa Paulden about working with dmg events - where one event saw the opening ceremony done by the King of Spain - and about her volunteer work for FightPandemics

Claire Barrance talks with Melissa Paulden about career progress, passions and personal development as she navigates through this tough time.

Bringing Gender Diversity to the IT World

Sarah Johnson produces large events for a huge retail association. Tackling event tech is challenge that she faces head-on and welcomes. Here she talks about one of her favourite products: Network Tables

Lombard Odier’s Events Manger Sarah-Jane Ind enjoys networking at our BNC Shows as it also gives her the chance to introduce her mum’s business, Pimlico Flowers, to fellow eventprofs

Event Hacks

Those of you who came to our February Show will have seen and possibly met Salone Events’ Director Bernadette Palombo, the creator of the Event Professionals Journal. If you didn’t get a chance to hear Bernadette speak or read about her discovery of the power of journaling in Showboat, our Show magazine, here’s another chance.

BNC People

as featured in our magazine-style showguide, Showboat

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