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Save up to 48% in costs across the P50 composite fire extinguisher’s 10-year replacement cycle.

Composite extinguishers require no servicing by an engineer, just a simple annual check that can be carried out by a member of your own team for whom we provide fully accredited training and free of charge access to our bespoke Extinguisher Management System. This means that no service contract is necessary, saving you an average of 48% in costs over the replacement cycle.

Eastern Extinguishers provide three types of composite extinguishers in three different sizes to suit all requirements.


The P50 composite fire extinguisher is the most advanced fire extinguisher available on the market today. Our patented composite fire extinguishers employ technology pioneered by the motor racing, defence, aircraft, and aerospace industries. Furthermore, all of our composite fire extinguishers are manufactured in Britain using state-of-the-art, clean manufacturing processes.

Built with marine grade anti-corrosive components and wrapped in a Kevlar Aramid weave, this composite fire extinguisher is remarkably strong but also incredibly light. The P50 fire extinguisher has a UV protective casing and is made using recyclable materials, making it the most environmentally friendly extinguisher on the market to date. Additionally, once you purchase a P50 composite fire extinguisher from Eastern Extinguishers, you will gain access to our bespoke system which will enable a fully integrated survey, cost saving analysis and extinguisher management system, which will send reminders to your allocated team member(s) to service the extinguishers on an annual basis. This means existing service contracts can be cancelled -contributing to huge cost savings!

Our new composite extinguisher offers nearly 3 times the fire protection of like for like steel extinguishers and our foam extinguishers can also be used on live electrical fires in addition to the typical wood, paper, textile, and flammable liquid fires. This multi-risk capability allows us to reduce our clients fire extinguisher inventory by an average of 40%.

The combination of no annual service charges and a 40% reduction in inventory leads to an average customer saving of 48%!

Moreover, our new composite extinguisher meets the latest safety standards including, EN3, CE Marking (Conformity for Europe), Apragaz, Marine Equipment Directive (MED) and British Standards Institute (BSI).

We invite you to embrace the innovation our product offers, that is disrupting the traditional market, and lock in these huge benefits for your organisation.

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Our team brings a depth of experience across various industry sectors to ensure our vision is realised in bringing revolutionary products with unsurpassed business and environmental benefits to organisations of all shapes and sizes. We supply our products and services across the UK and internationally!

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“We have recently fitted Eastern Extinguishers’ new composite extinguishers across all our depots. We have been able to significantly reduce the amount of extinguishers needed due to the composite extinguishers’ excellent range and their capacity to be used on live electrical fires. Improving safety whilst reducing costs has been a real no brainer for us! We have also been really pleased with the ongoing customer support provided by Eastern’s team.”

Martin Smith, Health and Safety Manager - LC Vehicle Hire

“Highly recommend these guys - currently having them installed around our sites. Fantastic management system too.”

Joanna Robinson, Group H&S and HR Manager at Farol Ltd

“This is the most innovative product I've seen in my ten years in health and safety!!”

Francesca Magari, Cromwell Group Ltd.

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