Have you heard about BNC VIP?

We’ve been busy focusing on developing our Buyers’ Networking Club – our incredibly popular community for event professionals that we have been running for 24 years.

Yes! That’s right, for the past 24 years corporate event managers from the UK and overseas have been chatting online and getting together through The BNC to share supplier recommendations, reviews, checklists, experiences, advice, how-tos and tips - and fams, events and trips (When we can have them).

These loyal Club members form the very exclusive guestlist to our BNC Shows and events and are incredibly important to us.

And this year, we have introduced something new – BNC VIP - an exclusive VIP section within our Club where 100 Global Heads of Events and Event Directors from some of the world’s biggest institutions chat daily about the event management issues.

Being BNC VIP comes with certain benefits and extras and we are soon going to invite suppliers to join in too.

Spaces for our BNC VIP partners are limited so get in touch today.

If you are interested in joining in with our BNC VIP activity please write to:

Good times are ahead

Now's the time to market your services to the 1000s of corporate eventprofs within The BNC community

Let them experience what you have to offer within our trusted network

To discuss how to really raise your profile in front of the right kind of buyers just chat to Kim Paulden

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