Two Visual Thinkers

Everything in events is different at the moment but the core reason still remains. People need to convene to network, share and learn. If you’re looking for new ways to help people do that, look no further than Two Visual Thinkers, a creative events comms capture company. They produce colourful yet meaningful, concise yet informative illustrated minutes of your meetings.

They are a small family run business. Right now, they deserve this platform more than most.

Sharon Ombler-Spain talks to Melissa Paulden

How long have you been in operation?

Two Visual Thinkers have been in business for eight years.

How do visual artists work?

Usually, we attend conferences and meetings, assemble large sheets of paper or boards, listen carefully to what is being said and capture the key points visually using coloured pens. We are now working remotely and digitally.

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What’s your speciality? How different are you to other artists?

We have our own visual style and work as a team of two with one person listening whilst the other concentrates on the visuals.

What do you enjoy about working in events?

Meeting new and interesting people, getting instant feedback to our work and feeling the energy of a room.

What inspires you when drawing?

Getting to the end of a day's drawing and seeing people's reaction to their own work in a visual form that they helped create.

What’s your most memorable event?

Plenty to choose from but will never forget a local authority event at which young men discussed mental health, reducing knife crime and how they had turned their lives around.

Why should people choose your way of communicating to illustrate their events?

We feel that visual minutes capture information in an exciting, engaging and unique way.

There are lots of visual learners who appreciate this fast-paced method of recording.

How will you work remotely?

Either real time drawing online or by clients sending us information to illustrate.


Full one-day online conference: £850

Illustration work: £60 per hour

Short, whiteboard animations: £2800