The Buyers' Networking Club


since 1989

A members’ club created for the UK’s top corporate event managers

We are the longest running club of our kind

We are founded upon the belief that people need to meet and talk and share and learn from each other

We are in awe of this amazing industry, of its talented and hard working people, and we celebrate and honour them by offering a series of events and support packages and through being of service to them through our membership organisation

Through our club we produce:

✓ Information-sharing streams for event professionals

✓ Surveys and reports for event professionals

✓ Networking and business opportunities for event professionals

✓ Support services for event professionals

✓ Events for event professionals

We’re a dedicated team of hard working individuals who are all part of the same family. We treat customers and clients with the same warmth, understanding and respect.

We have over thirty years’ experience in the UK events industry with a particular expertise in publishing, destination marketing, supplier consultation, events and networking.

Integrity, honesty and a passion for people drive our standards high and form our commitment to provide a series of quality events and meetings between quality people – all with quality outcomes.

We are widely praised throughout the industry for our attention to detail, for our uniqueness, for our dedication to suppliers’ ROI, for our friendly and supportive service and for our calendar of fun and informative events.