EFX: Celebrating 20 Years of Award-Winning Excellence 

at The BNC Show! 

New to The BNC are award producers EFX who are exhibiting to celebrate not just 20 years in business but a year of phenomenal projects.

Britain’s largest contemporary award manufacturer have been producing groundbreaking and awe-inspiring designs and products since 2004.

BNC contact Melanie Osbourne is really looking forward to exhibit on Tuesday 16th April as the show’s only awards producers.

The Sales Director says:

“Since 2004 a lot has changed: we’ve grown in people, buildings, machinery, technology and clients.

But our ethos still remains the same - high quality bespoke awards with a friendly face.

Here’s to another 20 years!”


Melanie points out that the number of awards produced each year has shown how the popularity and trust in the company has grown.


“The number of award designs created per year has exploded from 675 in 2004 to 7500 this year. The number of orders received over the 20 years is 42,500 and the number of awards is 700,000!!!”


The EFX team has also expanded to match demand with the company started with 28 employees in 2004 and the number almost doubling to 44 this year.

The team has handled some very incredible bespoke orders of late including a black anodised aluminium trophy including a mix of 18ct rose gold, 24ct gold plated aluminium for Formula One that was designed to be held up in ‘pure elation’. And that it was. Lewis Hamilton waved it in the air in front of a 365,000 crowd at the Silverstone 8th British Grand Prix.

The award was inspired by the infamous Silverstone racetrack, the union flag and Murray Walker, whose image was engraved in special tribute.

A spokesperson for Pirelli had this to say about the finished trophy –  “We are delighted with the finished design, extremely befitting of such an iconic round in the annual Formula 1 race calendar. The ability to also include a touching tribute to Murray Walker, a legend in motorsport, makes the design entirely unique and sentimental.”

Another impressive EFX design was the 840mm tall, 16kgs trophy designed especially for the Paddy Power World Darts Championship at Alexandra Palace.

Six members of the EFX production team worked on this showstopper that was awarded to Luke Humphries who scored the most 180s in the championship.

To add to the special occasion, Paddy Power donated £1,000 to Prostate Cancer UK for every maximum scored during the Championship.

Back in 2021 EFX was commissioned to create a very intricate design to be awarded to Shuji Nakamura, M. George Craford, Russell Dupuis, and Dr Kazuaki Takahashi (on behalf of the late Professor Isamu Akasaki) who won the 2021 Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering.

His Royal Highness, the then The Prince of Wales, presented the triple layered luxury 24ct gold plated solid aluminium engraved award at a ceremony at St James’s Palace.

It was designed as part of a competition that was won by Hannah Goldsmith—a 21-year-old design student who was modelled her winner on electronic engineering circuit boards.

With an impressive portfolio of projects under their belt, including prestigious collaborations with Formula One and the World Darts Championship, EFX is set to dazzle attendees at The BNC Show on Tuesday, April 16th. Melanie Osbourne, BNC contact and Sales Director at EFX, eagerly anticipates the opportunity to exhibit their innovative creations and share their commitment to excellence.