Supplier Profile

Eventogy's Liz Fidler

Liz Fidler is new to the events industry, but not new to tech. Having worked in fin tech for a number of years her experience is vast including working for Dow Jones in Europe. 

In her spare time Liz enjoys walking the dog (a giant rescue dog) gardening, cooking and collecting antique maps.

When she does get the chance to travel, Liz takes off to Estonia or Slovenia but only for a short while. She likes to visit new places and discover new things but doesn’t like leaving the dog for too long! 


Liz is excited to be exhibiting at The BNC Show where she will be promoting Eventogy’s end to end platform. 

What do you think of the events industry?

The people have been delightful, it is a very different client base from my previous roles. They are very curious, and open to new and interesting things and very people-focused. 

I am really enjoying it. We are fortunate to work with fantastic clients. 

When you meet them you get a feel for how they use the software but also about things they'd like to do in the future. We’re always thinking about what's next and how can we help our clients more.


What is the best part about your job? 

Getting to work with great people and a really great product and being able to showcase it at events like The BNC Show. 

Because I’ve got a backgound in software I appreciate how Eventogy has been engineered and built but what I am excited about is getting to know the event industry.

What do you think your company’s strengths are? 

Our company was founded by a man who is passionate about really good design, so the user experience is front and centre.

We want it to be usable and that's the way we build the product so for non tech people it can do tech things.

I’ve got to know the product and that's the one thing that struck me about it: its so beautifully designed and we have very different clients that can do very different things with it.

I joined Eventogy through my connections on the finance side - we have some significant financial clients, global banks, but we also have most of the magic circle law firms and equally some smaller organisations who are maybe using the platform for one flagship event a year - it's so adaptable and flexible.


What makes a great event? 

To know from the outset what you want to achieve and plan accordingly and obviously the tech will help you do that - it's an enabler. It’s there to make the event organiser's life easier, to save time and free up more time for strategising or lateral thinking, or simply for adding value with the human things that technology can't achieve. 


Why choose Eventogy?

We’re a smaller and more personal technology company and can work more closely with the event organiser. It's more about the fact that we put the power in the hands of the event organiser, giving them really good tools that are powerful and cost-effective. 

Because we are there to empower event organisers to run really good events by doing a bit of the heavy lifting, to free some of their time and thinking space. Using Eventogy also means running hugely complex events can be easier. Where large events have multiple streams or 1-1 meetings, or different guest types, we can manage that. And finally, should they choose Eventogy they’ll find that we are really nice people. The feedback is consistently that our clients really like working with us, that we are responsive and that we care.


What trends do you see emerging over the next twelve months?

One thing I’ve noticed from talking to clients is definitely a move to in-person events. Even though everybody wants to have the ability to do just virtual or hybrid events, and it’s good to know that Eventogy can do that, but there’s a real determination to run as many in-person events as the real benefits come from those human interactions.


What is your motto for life/success/work? 

‘Start where you are; use what you have; do what you can’. It’s a famous quote and I’m a very practical person and whilst on top of that there may be layers of aspiration you have to at some point stop pontificating and roll up your sleeves and get on with it.